5/14/20 Duck Lake Mission

In the morning of 5/14, AVSAR was contacted by Conejos County Agencies requesting assistance for a mutual aid search in Conejos County, AVSAR pages the team and responded along with Alamosa County Undersheriff Shawn Woods and Seargent Gilleland and bus Search K9, Blitz. The search was for two males and their two dogs who were several days overdue. After searching in the afternoon of 5/14, the search continued on 5/15 when the Colorado Search and Rescue Association (CSAR) contacted multiple teams to assist. This included Custer County SAR, Pueblo Search and Rescue, Flight for Life (Lifeguard 5) and a CSAR advisor from La Plata County. The search covered very rough terrain and numerous water hazards. We are happy to report that both subjects and their dogs were reunited with their families with only minor ailments after spending several nights, ill prepared, in the elements. This situation is a good reminder to ALWAYS be prepared when going into the backcountry, even if you only plan on being out for an afternoon in an area you may be familiar with and ALWAYS tell someone of your plan.