10/23/2019 Mutual Aid

Yesterday morning, we were called out to assist Saguache County in searching for a missing hunter in the La Garita Mountains. Happily, she was found safe by team members after spending a night out in very cool temps unprepared.

Then, once our team members were just getting home, we were called out again to search for a missing hiker, who was last seen at 1145hours heading up the road to Lake Como, on the Blanca Massif after splitting off from his hiking partner. The pressure was on to find him before a super cell packed with plenty of snow and winds hit. AVSAR deployed multiple truck teams with searchers up Lake Como Rd to begin the search. Our missing hiker was located and brought back to his hiking partner and vehicle. All teams were out of the field by 2100 hours, before the brunt of the storm hit.