07/27/2020 Overdue Hikers

At approximately 1530hours on July 27  AVSAR was paged out for two overdue hikers on the Mount Blanca Massif. The two hikers were last seen at the Holbrook Creek crossing at 2030hours on 7/26, when they separated from their hiking party to camp another night at Lake Como. AVSAR immediately deployed two 4×4 truck teams up Lake Como Rd. With torrential rains over the last few days in the area, Lake Como Rd has become even more dangerous than normal. There were several weather induced rock slides that the team had to navigate on their ascent up Lake Como Rd. The overdue hikers were found at Lake Como, healthy and safe. They were reunited with family and friends at 2055hours.

A very special thanks goes out to our Alamosa County Sheriff, Sheriff Robert Jackson, for heading up with one of the truck teams and even hiking in a half mile with a team member to find the overdue hikers. Our team would not be where we are, without the incredible support he and his staff provide for our team. He truly goes above and beyond to advocate for us.

With severe weather always a factor in the mountains, it is always best to plan for the unexpected. This mission, once again, proves communicating your plans with your friends/family/hiking party is absolutely essential.